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OK Go costumes by Moritz Waldemeyer


Dezeen has posted some new work from Pixelsumo favourite Moritz Waldemeyer. This time he has embedded an LED display into the costumes of rock band OK Go.

“When the band appears on stage, LED lights embedded in their jackets run through a sequence that makes up the letters O,K,G,O – like a Vegas slot-machine scrolling through its symbols to spell the band’s name”, this is then followed by animations during the performance.

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Toshio Iwai – Rain Drops

Toshio Iwai - Rain Drops

Pixelsumo favorite Toshio Iwai has designed a playful raincoat for children, as modelled by his daughter Roka above, called Rain Drops.

Created for the Tokyo Fiber 2007, “an exhibition of Japan fibers that evoke fashion breakthroughs. The theme is Senseware, suggesting new forms of interaction between cloth, clothing and perceptions of the body. This event showcases a future of intelligent fibers, and the creative power of Japan through commissioned architects and designers”.

“Toshio has taken on the challenge of designing clothes capable of lucidly expressing the functions of super water repellent fibers. Eliciting the joy of playing with water, this clothing is similar to a poem savoring the rain. The coat is substantially detailed for enjoying rainwater with its ‘Fuwari (gentle)’ processing to embroider the fibers like tips of a tooth brush”.

You can see the detail below. This photo gives an idea of how a child might play with the rain. By lifting the coat to hold water drops, you can play with them inside this toothbrush style detailing. I really like the simplicity and elegance of this piece, and am eager to see more of Toshios non-digital playful works. I’ll be posting some details of his talk at Ars Electronica soon.

Tokyo Fiber has now passed, and I’ll be posting more works from the exhibition later.

Toshio Iwai - Rain Drops