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RFID Workshop, Call for Participants


If you are interested in creating tangible interfaces and work outside of the screen, this may interest you.

Mediamatic are running another workshop in their series investigating creative and social applications of RFID, running from 14-16th November in Amsterdam.

RFID & The Internet of Things is a workshop for a maximum of 16 designers and artists who want to learn more about RFID and its possible (cultural) effects and uses. In this workshop you’ll make your own prototype where the virtual and the real world come together by using rfid tools. You can try out the rfid technology and develop first layouts of possible applications, alternative uses and hacks.

During the workshop participants can mould their ideas into working prototypes, allowing them to partake in the whole process; from ‘idea’ to (potential) ‘product’. Workshop projects may range from new ways to personalise objects, to funny new locative applications or world-wide new sustainability scenario’s. Mediamatics’ RFID powered Symbolic Table as well as the Nokia 3220 RFID phone will be amongst the available tools for participants to use, test and play their ideas on.

Confirmed lecturers and trainers so far include Julian Bleecker, Timo Arnall, Arie Altena and Rob van Kranenburg.

Booking form.
Documentation on previous RFID workshops can be found here.