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Lupin Steal

Lupin Steal

In a previous post I wrote about Live Drive, a project that had a camera mounted to a scalextric car that you could drive around a model town & see the video stream live, created for a Honda advertising campaign.

This time Tokyo based Semitransparent Design have created another live virtual environment for Lupin the 3rd. Lupin III is a popular character in Japan, having anime tv series and movies, about a gang of thieves who steal treasure and escape from the law (watch video).

For this ad campaign, visitors to the website have to steal a diamond by guessing a random 6 digit number. There are 5 diamonds to be taken, and each winner taking home 1,000,000 yen. Of course each diamond has a different random unlock combination. Instead of just showing a number keypad in Flash, Semitransparent have created a real model of a diamond room with a projection overlayed on top, with real led lights & number display (see image above).

Lupin Steal

This is a multi-user application, so 5 people can enter the diamond room at one time. Once visiting the site, users are shown the lobby screen (shown in this top image), which is a view of a security desk. The monitor on the desk shows 4 live camera views of the space and the current activity within. As a fun bonus, anyone calling the phone number shown on the post-it-note will see the phone on the table light up and will hear Lupins voice.

Getting inside the diamond room is very hard, you have to be lucky. If there are hundreds of people trying to get in, but only 5 are allowed, then your percentage of opportunity goes down. Japanese readers will be able to understand the instructions, but it took me many attempts. Try your luck here

For the rest of us, here is a video.

I really like the approach that Semitransparent take. Creating these semi-real virtual worlds creates a higher sense of immersion and role playing than a standard Flash game could. Below the top photo shows the set-up with the cameras & the model room, as well as their nicely housed custom hardware controllers.

Sanko Partners : agency
777interactive : creative director
Semitransparent Design : design and development

Lupin Steal


Reporting on the Royal College of Art Show 2006. Read more on Pixelsumo.


One of the best projects to come out of Interaction Design this year is Chatsum, the brainchild of George Grinsted in collaboration with Lee Parry.

Putting it simply, Chatsum is a web service that allows you to chat to other people who are looking at the same web page as you. You register, install a Firefox plugin and when visiting a site can read any messages left by previous visitors, or take part in a discussion with people still on the site. Rather than reading opinions on the BBC new stories on other peoples blogs for example, you can simply read what people are saying on the page you are visiting. In your user profile you can also include other web 2.0 services, such as Flickr, delici.ous, Digg, YouTube, and Upcoming.

Although its a site with a great service and the community is sure to grow, George also states another aim for the project : “I am exploring revenue models for the post-copyright era, testing the viability of the Pro-Am production model, identifying the amount of investment needed to seed revenue using this model, exploring the intricacies of providing a Web 2.0 service and exploring the possibilities of exploiting the mass of social data that digitisation offers”.

For the RCA show, there are 3 large displays showing a visualisations of Chatsum, showing ongoing discussion as well as a world map of live locations. Visitors to the show are encouraged to log on to chatsum and visit the show website to discuss the students work.

Read about the development, a wikipedia entry and flickr images.

I doubt it will be too long before there is some corporate Yahoo style buyout :)

(also on wmmna)