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Goodbye Pixelsumo

Goodbye Pixelsumo

It is with much thought & a little sadness that today I have drawn a line under Pixelsumo and will close this blog. Whilst I will leave the archive online, I won’t be writing any more posts on this site.

Since I arrived in London in 2005, I have worked a crazy number of hours, late nights and weekends. Doing everything from freelance work to personal commissions, curating, exhibitions, writing this blog, co-organising This happened, workshops & lectures. Not only is this tiring, it also means there are many activities demanding my attention. There are only so many hours in a day.

Since my rebrand, I am focussing on what is important to me as an artist, designer and tinkerer. I needed to simplify my working life so that I could concentrate on these goals. My heart isn’t in blogging any more. I will focus entirely on making those installations that I love seeing people play with, and digital toys for a larger audience. What spare work time I have will be spent doing charity work for children’s arts organisations.

You might have noticed my post frequency has dropped and dropped to once every few months. Whilst some readers are ok with this, it’s always a thought niggling in the back of my mind that I should be posting on the blog. Everyday I see projects and research I find interesting, often saved under ‘to blog’ but I never find the time to write about them. My output on Pixelsumo was only ever a small percentage of my research and personal interests. Rather than let it slowly die out I decided to end it now. I didn’t want to take on additional writers as it wouldn’t be personal to me.

To keep up to date with my interesting finds follow me on Twitter @chrisoshea. To follow my new work, update your rss feed to

Thank you to everyone in various communities for reading and all your support.

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Inspired by Hand from Above?

Hand from Above

Hand from Above is a piece I made last year for an outdoor screen, where a giant hand picks up people from a crowd, and flicks them off the screen (it also squashes them, tickles them).

Today I have been sent this advertising in Time Square, where a giant super model picks up people from the crowd and throws them out of the screen.


Watch video

Create by ad agency Space150 for Forever21.

Good to see what can be achieved with a better production budget, such a using video for the animation, higher resolution camera and massive screen. There are a few other things it does like take a snapshot Polaroid and picking people out carrying a yellow Forever21 bag.

I’m not by any means suggesting that the creators have seen Hand from Above, but it certainly feels familiar. Maybe inspired by? What do you think?

There had been a heated discussion on Vimeo comments about this and I have now posted my response…

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Hand from Above – Tokyo

Hand from Above

To any readers based in Tokyo, you can come along and see Hand from Above this weekend, as part of Roppongi Art Night. The showing of this work has been organised by British Council Japan, in collaboration with Mori Building. A big thank you also to Hibino & team for their temporary LED screen and expertise.

Dates : 10:00 am Saturday 27th March till 18:00 Sunday 28th March
Venue : West Walk, Mori Building

I will also give a small artist talk in the cafe at 3pm on Sat 27th. Please see here to email for tickets.

You can see some photos of the build here.

(updated) Here is a video

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new look Pixelsumo


I decided it was time to get rid of the old layout and bring in something new. I like websites that are clean, straight to the point and let me find what I need with minimum fuss. If you are reading this through RSS or email, visit the site

Rather than big scrolling pages as before, the homepage contains only the latest post. I have made looking through the archives and searching much nicer, by giving every post a thumbnail and summary. You can also view all thumbnails on one page and my flickr photos are included.

I started Pixelsumo in 2004 and on average have posted around 4 times per month. Some people have mentioned to me that I don’t post enough. Its important for me to post work that really interests me within interaction design and I intend to keep it that way. Pixelsumo should feel like an extension of who I am and what gets me excited.

The lack of posting is also due to this not being my day job. I have been very busy lately developing software for Greyworld’s Monument (more on this another time), creating my own work, organising the next This happened and co-ordinating SomethingLabs.

What do you think of the new site? Please post your comments & suggestions.

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Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds

I have now uploaded documentation of my project Out of Bounds, a commission for Designers in Residence at the Design Museum, part of the London Design Festival. Open until 14th October. Video.

From the exhibition guide…

There is a childlike quality about wanting the ability to see through walls with x-ray vision like a superhero character. This memory is something Chris O’Shea wants to capture in the interactive installation Out of Bounds. The work encourages visitors to bore through the walls of the museum and engage in a ‘behind the scenes’ experience with an x-ray torch. This playful interaction encourages childlike curiosity in young and old alike, and opens up a portal into the Museum’s forbidden spaces.

Shine the torch at the wall to reveal the secrets hidden beneath. Pay an anonymous visit to the staff office, collection’s store, workshop, roof hatch or plant room. “As adults, we spend less and less of our time engaging in playful activities. Our daily life and careers often get in the way. I’m interested in how play can enrich our lives. I aim to take concepts of interaction design, toys, video games and playgrounds, and bring them into our everyday objects and spaces”.

O’Shea’s work often incorporates alternative uses of technology to encourage people to relinquish the learnt behaviour of adulthood and reconnect with the wonderment of youth. Through his reprogramming and reassignment he hopes to give audiences fresh new perspectives, allowing them to re-evaluate their everyday surroundings. Just as a torch shines light into a darkened space to bring things into focus, this work uses the torch as a way of looking into the workings of a modern museum.

Dezeen has much more coverage of the exhibition here.

Out of Bounds

By Designers For Designers London


Friday 25 May 2007 at 7pm, Institute of Contemporary Arts

BD4D returns to the ICA with an outstanding line up of presenters. A number of Three Minute Madness sessions are scheduled to take place on the night. Three Minute madness presents creatives with the opportunity to showcase their latest work and ideas to the rest of the community. The essence of Three Minute Madness is to give people a chance to splash out and break away from the restrictive confines of their professional work and present their ideas in a time slot of between 3 to 10 minutes.

BD4D feels strongly that there is a powerful reason behind the drive to create: it’s about having the freedom to talk about those deep motivations and ideas in a non-threatening environment. This event will encourage and inspire designers and people in the technology field. Join us, meet new people and talk about what you really love.

Presentations will include:

Motion designers Rob Chiu and Chris Hewitt from Devoid of Yesterday.

The interactive work of Karsten Schmidt at toxi.

Steve Price from Plan B studio.

Exploring interaction between man and machine with Andreas Muller of Nanika.

Marc and Tommi, ex-hi-res creatives who are starting a new and exciting venture together.

Interactive media artist and researcher Chris O’Shea.

FLV is the new animated gif, Tim Nolan of Spent 2000.

Mark Hough: design and moving image.

£8 / £7 Concessions / £6 ICA Members
Booking information



As mentioned in a previous post, the documentation of my work at Moving Brands is now online.

An audio responsive installation for the launch of Muon, new speakers from Kef and Ross Lovegrove. Launched at the National Museum of Science and Technology (Leonardo da Vinci), during Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Created in Processing for a 10×5 metre LED floor. My role was in the creative programming of the project at Moving Brands, under the supervision of Karsten Schmidt (aka toxi) and creative direction by David Eveleigh-Evans.

The concept was to create a liquid experience to engage all the senses. Fluid forms would emanate from the position of each speaker, playing with movement and intensity of light in response to audio triggers. A monocromatic and minimal aesthetic compliments the form of the speaker design. During moments of impact during a piece of music, bright light and accents of colour would appear between the fluid forms. The volumetric light created a relationship between the visuals reflected in the curves of the speaker and the movement of shadows in the grand hall space.

Links: Full documentation, including videos and behind the scenes.

Futher documentation on the Moving Brands site & Toxi blog.

Flickr photos: toxi, pixelsumo, eveleighevans, faroekat