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Friends With You

Friends With You

How much do I enjoy the work of Friends With You? More than chocolate & cake, that’s how much. If I could, I’d live inside one of their spaces instead of grey old Britain.

“Established in 2002 by Miami-based artists Samuel Borkson and Arturo Sandoval III, FriendsWithYou set forth on a mission to spread the idea of Magic, Luck, and Friendship™ around the world, and become Friends-With-You!”

Yes they do quirky & playful character design, lots of plush toys & merchandise, great animations, but aside from this there are 2 things that I’m happy to see.

1) As artists, they have managed to straddle (successfully) the art world and commercial brand activities, keeping integrity in their work and the way they diversify in their products…

“As leaders in developing a new approach that crosses Fine Art, Commercial Work for Hire, and Intellectual Property Brand Development, FriendsWithYou holds a prominent well-respected place in the merging worlds of art and business” – from company page.

2) “FriendsWithYou experiential installations are fully immersive experiences that draw audiences into a magical world where the line between imagination and reality is blurred”

Have are some of my favourites…

Rainbow Valley
Friends With You
“Rainbow Valley is a permanent playground installation at Aventura Mall in Miami, Fl. This is our first-ever dream playground brought to life! Rainbow Valley tells the enchanting story of a miniature mountain who loses his family and goes on a search for other small mountains to play with. This adventure is filled with rainbow blasts, magic, and earth moving moments! If you’re in Aventura Mall, go check it out!”

Fun House
Friends With You
“Our FriendsWithYou Fun House is the most fun art piece you will ever experience (and it’s for big kids too)!”

Friends With You
“In 2006 we opened Art Basel Miami with an out-of-this-world inflatable procession! Skywalkers, commissioned by Toyota Scion, featured 18 giant blimps (designed by FriendsWithYou & our artist friends), over 300 volunteers, a high school marching band, and thousands of attendees all working together..”

Friends With You

They even have a new boutique store in Miami (see below)…

Friends With You

Joshua Allen Harris

Joshua Allen

The work of Joshua Allen Harris has been all over the blog-sphere and youtube for a while, but I had to repost this as they are truly playful and fantastic pieces of work.

He makes these inflatable sculptures of animals and mystical creatures from trash bags. They are then tied to an air vent above a New York subway. As a train passes underneath pushing air upwards, the sculpture comes to life, slowly standing up and catching pedestrians by surprise. Then as the air disappears, the creatures slowly die down.

I highly recommend you watch this video interview with New York Magazine. Whats pleasing is that the artist wasn’t really interested in making them anymore, but because of an explosion of coverage through blogs, it renewed his passion and energy to create again.

Wooster Collective have been following him most of all. Some great videos here.