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[updated] here is a video

Volume by UVA
(photos above by John Adrian)

On Friday night I went to the opening of Volume at the V&A Museum, part of the Playstation Season of Culture. Here are my photos.

Created by United Visual Artists and one point six (production company set up by Robert Del Naja [alias 3D] of Massive Attack and Neil Davidge) for the John Madejski Garden.

This is an immersive light and sound sculpture that reacts to presence. Interaction is based on proximity, so without any participants it lies dormant, waiting to be awoken.

Each column contains a matrix of multicoloured LEDs and a speaker. UVA use custom written camera tracking software to watch people moving through the space. As this photo explains, infrared lights are used to illuminate the area, whilst a high mounted camera looks down from above. I counted around 6 different scenes, each with a distinctive style (the video and photos show a few). The sound fitted perfectly, sometimes subtle, othertimes responding to your movements past each column. The garden is fantastic location for work like this, the water puddles creating reflection, shadows around the architecture changing and sounds travelling around the space. The colour gradient fades are beautiful, and the nicest part was the interlude between scenes. The lights slowly die down, then pulsate with white light and sound in anticipation for the next visitors.

On show until 28th Jan 2007.

Here are some gorgeous behind the scenes photos


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Nanika Motion Wall

[update -> my video here - video by nanika]
Reporting on Friday Late: Transvision.

Motion Wall

Motion Wall was created by Nanika (a new baby of Hi-Res!). This project was created for the Interactive Interiors Exhibition at the newly opened Beyes store in Omotesando Hills shopping mall in Tokyo.

It uses the motion in front of the screen to generate a never ending swirl of colors, letting visitors participate or simply enjoy what is created by the motion of passers-by. The V&A became so busy that it was hard to use this piece without a crowd in the background, but I was fortunate enough to try it early on, creating lots of smokey waving fluid patterns.

UVA Untitled LED Sculpture

Reporting on Friday Late: Transvision.


One of my favorite pieces from the transvision night was a responsive LED sculpture by United Visual Artists. Installed in the John Madejski Garden, from afar looked like people worshiping the arrival of an alien spaceship, whilst up close you could feel the warmth of all those LEDs. As you approached it, custom camera tracking software detected your presence and reacted by changing the visuals and booming out some granular synthesis sounds through the large speakers. This project created a great atmosphere in the garden and had an aura about it. For a better explanation, watch the video.

Some questions for Joel Gethin Lewis of UVA…

What was the concept behind the piece?
We really didn’t want to compete with all the work already in the V&A, but
did want to make a comment about the architecture of the space itself. The
garden was a natural choice. We choose LED as a display technology because
its quality of light. Emissive, rather than reflective. An obviously new
thing to contrast against the sense of history evident in the V&A

We also wanted to make a piece that was aggressive and repelled people, one
that forced people to engage with the position in the space, and their
relation to the monolith.

2001 was also an obvious inspiration!

How does the software work?
Using the latest generation of our in-house software system we linked the
LED display, a 2D camera and an audio system. Analysing the live video from
the camera allowed us to see the relative position of the closest person to
the front of the monolith. In this way we could trigger differing
combinations of light and sound.

Did you notice anything about peoples reactions or behaviours that you
didn’t expect to see?

Crowd control was a major issue. At the beginning of the night, when it was
quieter, it was great to see some young kids playing with the system. They
have no expectations or fear of technology, so it was great to get
un-polluted testing from them. It was also fascinating to see the learning
process, how people came up with explanations for the system and how they
communicated it to peers. Its always difficult to deal with large groups of

More information.

Dandelion by Sennep

[update - video here]

Reporting on Friday Late: Transvision.


London based Sennep created an interactive dandelion for this event. Elegantly simple and playful, this installation allowed users to blow away the seeds of a dandelion clock using a real electric hairdryer.
“blowing it apart is a popular pastime for children. The number of blows required to completely rid the clock of its seeds is deemed to be the time of day.” – Wikipedia.

Watch video

Plink Plonk by AllofUs

[update - video added below]

Reporting on Friday Late: Transvision.

Plink Plonk

This is an installation that I was involved in the development of at AllofUs. Created for the 18th century Norfolk House Music Room, Plink Plonk used mechanical music boxes as playful delicate input devices, producing their own sound output (the tune ‘You are my sunshine’). A visual narrative responded to the turn of each music box, with each scene containing different reactives. The top photo shows stars glowing around a single music box as it is being turned. The bottom photo shows the end eclipse sequence. Overall it went down really well and had some great feedback, expect to see it in some magazines in the coming months.

Documentation: PhotosVideo

Friday Late: Transvision


I work at AllofUs and we are creating a piece for the forthcoming Friday Late event. I am posting details now as the event is not to be missed! Just look at the lineup.

V&A and onedotzero present Friday Late Transvision.
24th Feb, 6.30pm – 10pm, location V&A Museum (map)
Links > onedotzero | V&A

Join us for an evening of magical interventions, live performances and moving image explorations, that will stimulate and surprise.

Artists will devise a series of specially curated experiences which will bring together the very best of motion graphics, music videos, short films, interactive design, music and architecture, to extract new meanings from museum objects and lead you through familiar and unfamiliar environments.

Artists include Airside, AllofUs, D-Fuse, Dominic Hailstone, Hi-Res!, Intro, Jason Bruges, Neutral, Philip O’Dwyer, Peepshow, Saam, Sennep, Tank.TV, The Light Surgeons, Trevor Jackson, United Visual Artists, Pre-Loaded, Usman Haque, Universal Everything.

Gallery tours, DJs, bar and food.

Jason Bruges & PSP

Yesterday I attended Friday Late at the V&A Museum. This event is on the last Friday of each month and is centred around a theme or exhibition, the evenings feature live performances, guest DJ’s and often hands-on activities as well as a late bar. This month was hosted by Playstation Portable.


Jason Bruges Studio created a chandelier with 50 small TFT screens hanging from it. They created video content for a PSP, which was then broken up via a grid on to each of the small screens. The PSP video was then fed into a computer, where Isadora software was used to split the signal into components, through multiple outputs and up to the chandelier. Here are my Flickr Photos and a quick poor quality video (962kb).

Also Playstation promotions staff were on hand to give you a demo of the PSP, plus lending out PSPs to play with exclusive content. Designers Intro were running a workshop studying unconcious explorations of mind mapping and thought patterning. There were animation screenings and short films, plus four literary walks through the V&A organised by Zembla Magazine.

Missed it? BBC2 were filming and will be showing the event on the Culture Show, Feb 16th at 7pm.

Next month is going to be awesome.