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Bigshot Camera

Bigshot Camera

When I was a little boy of 10, I (for a short time) joined the young engineers club at our school. Yes not the football team, the engineering club :) One day they took us to the workshops of a large Uk energy provider and they showed us how simple circuits work, then using educational kits we soldered our own FM radios. This is a really great way to learn and more of this should be done in schools, kids aren’t given enough credit for what they can achieve on their own I feel. By knowing how to things work we have a better understanding of the world. This is why I like the migon game kit so much.

Digital cameras for children tend to look like this (some times for a good reason), but wouldn’t it be great if they could build their own camera and understand how everything works, learn how to take photos & what makes a good image, how to apply filters & share photos with friends?

Recently I stumbled upon the Bigshot camera & initiative, started up by Shree Nayar at the Computer Vision Laboratory at Columbia University…

“A camera designed for kids can be much more than just a toy: it can serve as a powerful educational medium. We believe that such an educational camera must have a radically different design from that of a typical consumer camera. (a) It should be designed as a kit for assembly by students. The assembly process should not only demystify the workings of the camera, but also expose students to various science and engineering concepts. (b) It should include features that cannot be found in other cameras, allowing students to explore new creative dimensions. (c) It should be low-cost, with the potential to serve as the basis for a scalable social venture.”

The website breaks the process down into very nice clear sections, build, learn, use, share. I’m excited about the possibilities of this making it into schools worldwide. For now it says “The Bigshot camera prototypes shown here are being used in workshops and are not on sale”, but I will do an update when more word on release becomes available.

For now take 5 mins out of your day to watch this video.

Bigshot camera