Tenori-On in Development

I recently reported that Tenori-On will launch in the UK in various record shops & the launch event. Rupert has posted the following on the Last.fm group

“Ok, wait for it: £599 uk pounds with free shipping…

The reason they are this price is because they are almost hand made at the moment in Japan, they will be available in limited numbers over the next few months from www.tenori-on.co.uk and selected record shops around the UK. The price will eventually go down when the TENORI-ON goes into full production, probably next year. (incorrect information)”

[update] The reduced price based on full production has been confirmed to be false by Yamaha. So if you want a Tenori-On, best to buy it now & help support the initial test run to make sure the project stays alive.

Not only that, but he has posted some fantastic behind the scenes making of photos. A rare glimpse into the world of Toshio Iwai and Yamaha, showing technical diagrams, pcb layouts, workshop photos, rgb leds. Thanks! Flickr set

Tenori-On Development

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  1. Research Project

    Amazing pictures- great blog. Do you know which country the product is manufactured/ developed in? thx

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