deeper into Tenori-On


For anyone who doesn’t know what Tenori-On from Toshio Iwai is, first read about it on wmmna (then on CDM, Musicthing and Siggraph).

Then watch this video & see some photos. This is a great physical soundtoy and I am pleased that Yamaha got on board with this one.

Following the Nime conference, more details have emerged about this instrument…

Performances, layer states, modes and functions (volume, pan etc) can be saved to be reused and replayed. This is likely to be an SD memory card.

The Instrument contains acceleration sensors. The software can calculate direction of finger movement.
It has two built in speakers, a clear button, 12 function buttons on the outside. Small LCD display. Volume control and headphone output. The 16×16 LED matrix on the rear side acts a display only (not input).

Tenori-On uses the Midi protocol and can communicate with other Tenori-On, synchronizing them. Remote mode allows you to control Tenori-On from a PC or another Midi instrument.

Loop modes:
x6 modes = Score, Random Loop, Real Time Record, Bounce, Push, Solo.

To find out more, read the paper.