I saw ScribbleBots, a design concept project from MA student Jon Cumberpatch, quite a while ago but its been sat at the back of my mind for a while as I’m sat on the fence about it, slightly leaning in one direction. I wanted to post it as I’ll be writing a whole series on drawing over the coming months.

“The aim of the Project was to encourage more adults to draw”. Watch the video.

Step 1 – Put a pen in the device and do your drawing on the paper. The wheels pressing against the surface record the motion paths as vectors.

Step 2 – Upload your drawing paths to the website

Step 3 – Download drawing paths from the website. Load on to the machine and it will draw out by navigating with the wheels. You are then free to doodle on the top of someone’s images (by hand, or I guess the device again).

It’s a nice concept. I can see it working in those pass it on style games, where I do a drawing and pass it on, you modify and pass it on to someone else. I also favor the pen drawn approach to just printing out the image.

However drawing with it doesn’t look so natural (pen upright), and if it works the drawings would be too perfect, its nice to have the randomness of the human hand. Also, wouldn’t the paper move underneath?