Periborg by Eiji Morikawa


I’ve had this post in my draft items since October 2006, now slowly finding time to write on Pixelsumo again. In August 2005 I posted ZXZX, a device by Crispin Jones that you cheat the computer at button tapping games, asking “What does it mean to cheat this unseeing opponent?”

Periborg are a series of game devices by Eiji Morikawa that also follow along a similar theme, including cheating your human opponent and playing without distraction.

Taken straight from a Wired article:

1) Obacha-Break: Hang this air horn around your neck, and you can unleash a klaxon to disorient your opponents during multiplayer matches. Hardly sporting, but preferable to a humiliating defeat in King of Fighters.

2) Cocolo-Con: “Remember when you first played a game? Remember how excited you were, how you stayed up all night?” Morikawa writes on the Periborg site. “The Cocolo-Con is here to remind you of that.” It does this by, uh, tracking heart rate and administering wrist massages.

3) Ore-Commander: What do trigger-happy old-school gamers want most? Faster firing capability. This thumb-mounted vibrator helps you pound buttons 20 times a second.

Watch : video 1 / video 2

4) Shock-C: Why pause the action to eat? This utensil holder slips over two fingers and can be fitted with chopsticks or a fork and spoon. Your thumb is free to work a controller, which “never gets greasy,” Morikawa says.

5) Electric-Wang Show: This unfortunately named device can display scrolling messages like “Looking for opponents” or “Bring me a Coke.” It’s a great way to communicate with other humans without looking up from your precious, precious game.

Tim Rogers did an interesting & insightful interview with Eiji for Insertcredit (and Wired), so I highly recommend you read it here.

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