Miniorgan is a site documenting Erics collection of rare and vintage musical electronic toys. There are 112 in this online library. Aside from the many synthesizers, I find these toys delightful to look at in terms of their intended interaction and the aesthetic.

Tomy Voice Corder (1972)
“BEST MUSICAL TOY OF THE WORLD!!! Play & record your own dub-plates with this little beautiful machine. Yes, believe it or not – this machine can really cut records!!! I cannot believe myself.”

“Useless musical toy that generates sounds with a pencil on a pre-drawn field. You cannot generate “real” musical tunes – it only creates microtonal buzzes. I don’t want to see the sad children in the 70ies, who tried to play children songs and failed. It is really an impossible mission”.

Reminds me of connect..draw..remix

MUSIK LOK (1972)
“The little train has a small 8 note keyboard on the bottom. As it drives along the track, the coloured switches push the keys, so you get your own programmed melody. In other words, this is an analog step sequencer for 3-year old children”

(thanks Simon)

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  1. Hehee what a cool site! i just spent hours switchng loops on and off in the “audio” section. theyre synced, try it!!!!

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