interesting performance interface


The untitled box / mlr, is a performance interface by brian crabtree. Before I mention anymore, check out this 7mb video (quicktime mp4) which will explain everything.

Personally, I am more interested in making things open source, let people build their own controllers and build upon your project as a community, in the same way as th midibox project operates. At the same time, for the target market, people might want to buy off the shelf.

Anyone who performs / has seen a performer triggering sound samples using Ableton Live on a laptop will understand this better. Each row of buttons is a sample. You press a button on that row to start playing the sample and an LED moves along each coloumn providing visual feedback as to the loop position of the sample. Samples can be started anywhere along the timeline by pressing buttons further along.

Brian is trying to get them manufactured, so if you are an interested supplier or investor, check out this page and contact him.


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